Mobile Exhibition – One of the World’s Leading Trade Shows

November 1, 2021 , Mobile Exhibition


Travel: Thailand’s mobile industry is fast growing and the most sought after gadget in the world is undoubtedly the smart phone. With the increase in the demand of smart phones from the travelers and businessmen around the world the mobile market in Thailand has grown with a speed of about 30% annually. The demand of smart Phones in Thailand is increasing at a much higher rate and so is the competition in the mobile industry. In order to survive in this tough competition an organization has to invest in mobile related activities and exhibitions and the one which has the complete blend of marketing, advertisement, promotion and service is the mobile expo.

Mobile Exhibition: Thailand’s largest mobile expo, which is organized by Smartphones, will take place during November in Bangkok. It will be the platform which will showcase the latest innovations in mobile technologies. The exhibition will also witness the launch of new models of smartphones by leading brands and the technology will be demonstrated by the renowned mobile engineering firms from across the globe. The mobile expo is a unique blend of technological know-how, social media influence and a well developed marketing strategy. The event will also witness the introduction of some high profile international brands which are in search of new technologies that can meet the growing needs of their customers.

Smartphone expo is the platform which will allow both the corporate and the retail community to come together at one place and participate in one of the most important international trade shows which will showcase the newest in mobile technology and mobile accessories. This is also a perfect platform for small and medium sized enterprises (SME) to showcase their latest products and services to global clients. This will provide ample scope to the SME as they can interact with industry leaders and potential customers to explore the market and develop their strategies. The expo would be an ideal platform to promote the products and services which would help the SMEs to grow and create a positive impact on the global telecom market.