Mobile Exhibition – A World of New Handsets and Technologies

May 18, 2021 , Mobile Exhibition, Mobile Expo

Thailand Mobile Expo is a three-day event that showcases the cutting-edge innovations in mobile technology. Organized by the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Administration, the Mobile Expo provides a platform for companies from across the globe to present their newest products or expand their existing product lines to the Thai market. This is an ideal place for international brands to come to Thailand and showcase their products to local manufacturers and distributors. In this article we take a closer look at the Mobile Asia Expo.

At the Mobile Asia Expo, held annually, the global mobile manufacturers, developers and other industry influencers gather together to share ideas, test new products and network with each other. The annual Mobile World Congress, which precedes the Mobile Expo, also takes place during the same week. The Mobile Asia Expo, along with the convention, brings together executives from leading mobile phone manufacturers, software developers, accessory manufacturers, network operators, system integrators and other key players in the mobile industry.

In his speech at the Mobile Asia Expo, premier mobile brand Bhaidan Securities Limited Bhaidan Sui, head of marketing and corporate affairs, gave a keynote address on the future of smartphones. Mr. Bhaidan Sui noted that smartphones have surpassed mobile phones in terms of functionality and in terms of staying power. He also gave a view of how far advanced smartphones can be with the integration of software such as Google Now. Mr. Bhaidan Sui also said that Bhaidan will be releasing its first smart phone in early 2021 and that it will be based on Android platform.

Other companies such as Vodafone, Samsung and Panasonic were also present at the Mobile Expo to provide information on their new handsets priced at an affordable price. One of the newly introduced handsets by Vodafone is the Vodafone SmartSense 2.5. It has an indoor and outdoor compass which aids in indoor and outdoor location, routes, traffic, restaurants and shopping centres. This new smartphone from Vodafone is also the first smartphone to be equipped with panorama. The other handset in the Vodafone SmartSense series is the Vodafone Phones for Schools, which is priced at a very competitive rate.

In the second day of the Mobile Expo, Samsung showcased the newest generation of smartphones being launched this season. The company showcased the Galaxy S4 which is equipped with the most powerful hardware ever seen in a smartphone. Apart from that, Samsung also announced that it will launch the Galaxy Note later this year at an international launch. Apart from the announcement, Samsung showcased the Galaxy S4 Duoquon, the latest device in the Note series and introduced a new series of mobile apps that are compatible with the device.

In addition, Nokia and HTC also displayed their latest handsets priced at affordable rates. Nokia E71 and HTC Wildfire, which were previously showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year are available at an affordable price from offline dealers. Users can also use different sim free mobile phones to stay in touch and make Internet calls at a much lower price than that of mobile phone operators. There are several mobile network service providers like Vodafone, Virgin, T-Mobile, Orange and O2 who are offering lucrative contract plans for the next 12 months. To make Internet calls more efficient users can opt for data as well as voice and messaging services with their service providers.